HTML Attributes

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  1. August 31, 2017

    […] tags. It is the href attribute where you put the link redirect info, all of which we had seen in HTML attributes chapter. am using a step by step process to help you understand how to locate an element using Link […]

  2. September 14, 2017

    […] Next topic in “How to locate an element using CSS selectors” is on how to locate an element using Tag and Attribute. You can learn all about the attributes of HTML here. […]

  3. January 5, 2018

    […] you are not sure how to add an image, you can go to back to learning all about the <img> tag and attributes to understand […]

  4. February 19, 2018

    […] the tags. If you are completely wiped out about what attributes are you can always check out the HTML attributes article where I had talked about it […]

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