How to Share Youtube Videos in Full Thumbnail Size on Facebook

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  1. Rodrigo says:

    You can use this website same as your link :

  2. Hi,

    I want to share with you all a chrome browser plugin – YT-XL and a website – which Make Your YouTube Video Post Thumbnail Look BIG And AWESOME On Facebook

  3. I just use which takes care of it all for me! It’s a free tool that is highly customizable and makes it easy to share YouTube videos with big thumbnails to Facebook and Twitter. As an added bonus there are statistics so you can measure the engagement and click through rates

  4. Jake says:

    Redirected me to an ” android virus” site and locked up my browser when clicking on “pro tools” with first link. 🙁

    • dumbitdude says:

      Hi Jake, those are pop-up ads. If you are using an ad blocker, it wouldn’t be a problem. If not you can simply close any pop up ads that open without paying attention to what are into them. Or even better just use They don’t have any ads on their site. 🙂

      – Scottshak

  5. Dr.K.S.Garh says:

    I like very, very good method to explain

  6. dumbitdude says:

    Thank you Dr. K.S. Garh. Glad I could be of assistance. 🙂

    – Scottshak

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